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If he ain’t loving you right you might want to walk away

When you love someone and they don’t love you back, it can be hurtful and perplexing. You’re not alone, though, as many others have also experienced unrequited love. You can attempt to deal and find relief in a number of ways if you’re ready to move past these emotions and go on. Recognize and embrace your feelings for this person before acting. Although it may be tempting to ignore or repress your emotions, research indicates that doing so can have negative health effects. Instead, even if it’s uncomfortable, give yourself permission to feel what you’re feeling. Concentrate on identifying and comprehending your feelings as they arise. Labeling your emotions can help you feel more in control of them since you will know they are a real, authentic part of you. One dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) technique that emphasizes accepting what you cannot change is radical acceptance. Even if it could seem that this person’s emotions could shift in the future, try to keep your attention on the here and now and the messages they are sending you. Take note of any ways you may be resisting or doubting your reality. Remember that you are in a situation where you cannot modify your reality. Attempt to identify any reasons behind the fact. Recognize that while many people are powerless over the person they fall in love with, you are in charge of your own actions. Work on accepting your body, mind, and spirit. Tell yourself, even in the face of difficulty, that you are willing to accept this situation by using positive self-talk.

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