I want to be a mom for many children

One’s spiritual well-being can also be enhanced by helping others. Life can gain direction and meaning from acts of altruism. We can find significance and a sense of less loneliness in the cosmos when we recognize our ability to impact lives and feel like a part of something bigger than ourselves. However, for some people, the positive emotions that result from lending a hand might take the place of a healthy dose of self-worth. You might neglect your own needs if you feel pressured to attend to everyone else’s needs before your own. Helping others may induce physiological changes in the brain associated with happiness, according to some data. Volunteering may encourage us to become more physically active or increase our social interaction, which may result in an increased sense of well-being. It fosters a feeling of inclusion. We may connect with our community and establish new friends by helping others. Volunteering at a food bank or participating in other in-person activities might help lessen feelings of isolation and loneliness. It provides you with direction. Research indicates that engaging in volunteer work might improve a person’s feeling of identity and purpose in general. This is so that you can experience a sense of reward, fulfillment, and empowerment from assisting others.

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