Artist Melat Nebiyu’s gift for her mother

You probably already know that your parents just want the best for you if you have a nice relationship with them. They informed you of this after you experienced a difficult breakup and received a poor grade on an arithmetic test. After disagreements when you all said inappropriate things, they reminded you. Since before you were even born, chances are they have been considering your happiness. When you’re feeling down, talk to them, but when you’re feeling better, give them another call. In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have days when you call them crying and tell them how horrible your life is and that your main issue is that you’re too exhausted, but because these days are unavoidable. When you do, though, they’ll get worried because they won’t know you’ve calmed down until you give them a call again. Thank them for their kindness. Now that you’re an adult, hopefully you have a paying job. They shouldn’t have to give you more cash for purchases or clothes. Recognize that they might not be performing this task out of necessity. They’d like to. When Mom pays the cashier for that new clothing, say “thank you.” When you wear it to dinner and she tells you how great you look, say thank you once again.

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