I am happy I get to help my son with his tiktok

If you’re unaware of it, you’ll find yourself acting based on that belief system rather than what you know to be true for you or what you want to be true for yourself. You never become what you desire since a large part of longing is occupying the space created by what you lack. It’s crucial that you pinpoint your limiting beliefs in order to overcome them. Make sure to cross out any limiting thoughts and replace them with your new affirmations. Write down your responses, then cross out any negative emotions with happy ones. Replace your limiting belief with “I am complete as I am” if it is “I am incomplete without a man.” If the thought that limits you is “I’m not good,”. We receive energy back from the world in proportion to the energy we emit. This implies that you will draw the same energy back to you if you are consistently releasing bad energy through your thoughts or feelings. Conversely, though, if you can change your energy, or raise your vibrations as some people call it, you will also draw in more positive and achieve your objectives. Additionally, you can focus on the feelings you desire. “Set your intention to be more loving if you want more love in your life,” advises Oprah. Put your efforts into developing compassion and empathy if you want to be kind.

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