My family couldn’t go to church because of me

Because manifesting involves both you and the cosmos working together, it’s often referred to as co-creating. That’s precisely why taking action is necessary to achieve your goals; knowing what you want is just half the fight. Allocate some time to contemplate the measures you can take to accomplish your objectives on your own, and then incorporate them into your daily schedule. No matter how big or tiny, you should accept and be grateful for what you do receive, even though you might not get everything you want in the sequence or time frame you desire. The important thing is gratitude. Write down a few things you are grateful for and anything that happened that day for five to ten minutes before going to bed. Perhaps you want to put aside enough money for retirement and your cable company calls to offer you a method to cut your monthly rate, or you listen to an educational podcast that gives you ideas for a side business that can bring in extra cash. Along with altering your thoughts and actions, you must also get rid of any barriers or limiting ideas that might be obstructing your vision, such as negative self-talk and fear. The tape that keeps playing for a lot of people is the one that tells you that you’re not enough you’re not worthy, clever, or good enough.

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