My wife is my backbone and I want to bless her

Perhaps you’ve heard of the laws of attraction or manifestation. The Secret, a best-selling book from 2006 that has sold over 30 million copies, focused on this process and featured thought leaders. Remember: It takes time to happen. Even though the goal of manifestation is to make your desires come true, you must be proactive in pursuing your goals. Although it’s a drawn-out process, you shouldn’t expect it to happen right away. However, the time it takes will ideally have a significant impact on your life. Whatever you want, though, one thing is certain: Be as explicit as you can about your purpose. The better, the more succinct and clear.” Describe your ideal partner in great depth rather than just saying, “I want to meet my soul mate,” for example. You must ask the universe for what you desire after you have determined your precise aspirations, objectives, and goals. There are several methods to accomplish this, including prayer, meditation, visualization, vocalizing your objectives, creating a vision board, and/or using a “future box,” which is a box filled with images of things you wish to manifest but where you must be specific about what you desire.

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