I stopped filming because i got pregnant

It should go without saying that feeling happier is a necessary component of happiness. The hard part is knowing just how to accomplish that. Psychologists use a concept known as environment enrichment. Put simply, this is the deliberate manipulation of one’s surroundings to optimize physical, social, and cognitive activities in order to positively effect learning, memory, and total brainpower. How to Achieve Your Life GoalsPutting this idea into practice is a vital component of feeling happier. Recognize the activities and people you like spending time with, and then make your everyday surroundings more enjoyable by engaging in more of those activities with them. Yes, and the obvious counterbalance is to identify harmful situations and individuals in your life and distance yourself from them. Those who appear to be accomplishing nothing sometimes claim to be leading peaceful, easy lives and simply wish things to be simple. Given how essential achievement and using our imagination are to each and every one of us, I believe they are either lying or insane. Our motivation to wake up each morning and devote ourselves entirely to life must be present. Avoidance and numbing are unhealthy habits, and when we look for this detachment from reality, we’re probably in pain.

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