All my body is on fire….Katelo with the comedian

In the world, there are two types of people: guessers and askers. And in order to obtain your desired outcomes in life—such as greater wealth, freedom, or success—you must make the correct kind of requests. The issue is that a lot of people give up before they ever get started, saying things like, “Why ask? They’re merely going to say no; I already know the answer. “I don’t have to inquire. By now, they would have taken action if they truly cared. This is something that friends, relatives, and coworkers have told me a lot. However, if you examine more closely, you’ll see that they anticipate failing. I’ll explain why we sabotage ourselves in this manner and provide you with easy steps you can take right now to improve your questioning. Suffering is not necessary, but pain is. Inevitably, everyone faces challenges and adversities at some point in their lives. The issue lies in the fact that our working memory and conscious minds prolong our suffering not just after difficulties have arisen but also, through stress and anticipation, long before adverse events even have the potential to occur. We must put into practice strategies that support us in keeping our composure and mental peace, or equanimity. By maintaining our composure, we can see that even the most trying situations will eventually pass. The greatest methods to develop this equilibrium, in my opinion, are through prayer and/or meditation. Developing mindfulness, which involves bringing your conscious awareness into the present moment.

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