If it wasn’t for Madingo I wouldn’t have become an actress

Although it’s never too late to begin your acting profession, you’ll gain experience gradually. Enter the theater scene in high school or participate in local productions. You will benefit from working with other actors, practicing in front of an audience, and getting a sense of what it’s like to perform. Although actors are not need to have a degree, formal training is a wonderful place to start. If you’re a student, think about participating in your school’s theatrical performances and drama workshops. The next best step would be to pursue an acting degree, such as a BFA or MFA in theater, although summer camps are also excellent places to sharpen your skills. Casting directors frequently want you to submit a headshot, acting resume, and demo reel before they will consider you for parts. Early in your career, the experience you get from smaller tasks will be invaluable for developing your demo reel and strengthening your resume.
Eventually, you will have to leave the classroom and go up on stage. Getting professional experience is crucial for actors in their early stages of their careers, even if it’s merely via doing commercials, small-scale local theater plays, or supplementary work.

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