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Wealthy individuals understand that in order to achieve their goals, they must be prepared to assist others in achieving theirs. That’s what happens you suffer. People who are successful are aware and understand that they must contribute in order to succeed. They must enrich the lives of others. To become the greatest, they must give it their all. You already possessed the ability to succeed in any undertaking. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t already driven to succeed, which is why I’m emphasizing the fact that you already have everything you need to succeed and achieve your goals. All the insights in the world, though, are ultimately useless unless they are coupled with action. Ultimately, it is up to you how you use this list and how you incorporate it into your personal and professional life. However, if I may, the following is what I would advise you to think about as you begin to take the steps that would enable you to succeed: Examine this list of the nine strategies that successful people employ to consistently achieve their goals, and then contrast your current situation with each of these strategies. Please rate yourself on each of the nine items.

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