Our high school love story

Adolescents are in love, let’s face it. Adults are reluctant to acknowledge it, let’s face it. One of the most important aspects of life is love. We cherish our relationships with friends, family, and pets. We adore our significant partners, too. Teenagers’ declarations of affection for their parents are welcomed with appreciation and a nod that seems to affirm something that was already inferred. Adults agree with teenagers when they say they adore their friends and emphasize the value of having supportive friendships. However, not everyone accepts teenagers when they declare their love for someone. High school is shown as a period for self-acceptance, self-discovery, and all in between in both fiction and film. Even though its value is debatable, love is essential to this “growing up” process.
Junior Abigail Cool considers relationships introspectively, despite never having been in one herself. We have never experienced such deep love as children. This growth happens in the context of your first relationships, where you are initially learning how to respond.

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