My life was dark until I found God

Make a specific inquiry. Even though it seems so simple, there are instances when we expect to receive precisely what we desire without being explicit about what we want. Occasionally, even without making any requests at all. Do you wish you had received a raise? Or perhaps you have your eye on that just opened position? You cannot expect people to understand you. Decide exactly what you want, then make a confident and well-articulated request for it. Avoid circling the issue. To ensure that the recipient is not left with any room for doubt, confusion, or wiggle room, make sure to express your want clearly and succinctly. A higher-up might be unpleasant and stressful to ask for at times. It’s possible that you’ve said something like, “I’m sorry to ask, but…” and then, “If not, it’s no big deal.” Avoid it. Apologizing for what they want is sometimes confused with being courteous. You don’t have to give up to be courteous. Saying you’re sorry for what you want makes you seem insecure, which may make your boss feel insecure about giving it to you. Refuse to give in! Be courageous! You don’t need to apologize for anything. Sadly, the days of lending a hand just for the purpose of lending a hand are long gone. When approaching a boss or any other superior for assistance, you must adopt the what’s in it for me mentality, which is a cultural norm.

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