When it not your time…The strong Beza

In life, some people never seem to receive what they want. since they always pretend to be victims. They point the finger at everyone but themselves. You need to work on yourself if you want to attract the right mate. similar to how energy draws other energy. Even though I didn’t always get my way in life, I eventually came to the realization that I was always given what I “needed at that time in my life.” Every individual that enters your life does so for a purpose or a season because you draw people that are at the same level as you. I can never recall a period in my life when I wasn’t improving, challenging, developing, and learning. Although I didn’t have much money growing up, I had many acquaintances and relatives who did. In all honesty, I didn’t feel poor because I didn’t have the same opportunities or upbringing as those around me; rather, I felt poor because we had a house and food on the table. I was too afraid to ask my parents to buy me new toys because I watched them working multiple jobs to give us the life we had, thus my most traumatic memories are of growing up with a Barbie with one shoe and having to basically wear the same few dresses throughout elementary school. As I write this, I see how, by believing it was improper to want goods, I forced this scarcity mindset upon myself by being too afraid to ask my parents for anything.

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