I feel like you gave birth to this music

Even though you’ve had the identical conversation hundreds of times, in actuality you only speak with each person once or twice. Proceed with caution, keeping in mind that you are increasing your chances of receiving what you want each time you ask. The person on the other end might be hearing you for the first or second time. Furthermore, it usually takes 4–7 exposures for individuals to truly become familiar with your ideas. It’s acceptable to send out multiple messages. You may need to send another email in two weeks after everyone has had a chance to see and read it if you send out one and get no response. It doesn’t follow that the other person hears or sees what you say just because you talk about it a lot. You can make more than one request. I can only assume that some people are reading in line, using the restroom, or looking through their iPhones while not always prepared to act when they receive your message. People in today’s mobile environment get communications while they are already preoccupied with work, errands, dining out, or shopping. They intend to purchase or donate but forget. It is acceptable to make a second inquiry after the first.

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