How to match and wear bell shaped trouser for our age

Flare pants, akin to numerous other vintage favorites from the 1970s, are currently experiencing a resurgence in fashion with an elevated style quotient. They seem sophisticated and elegant while still being absurdly cool, feminine, and stylish. Nothing accentuates your curves or gives the impression that your legs are long and slim like a pair of flare pants. It makes sense that most women of all ages and body shapes have come to love them so rapidly. Women with pear shapes typically bear their weight in their thighs, hips, and back. Bell-bottoms or larger flared pants are great options for this body type. Look for styles that fit form-fittingly at the butt, thighs, and all the way down to the middle of your knees if your body type is pear-shaped. Styles with gathers or pleats at the waist should be avoided as they will highlight your trouble spots. What you require is a look that makes your hips appear smaller. Longer flares that nearly cover your shoes are what we advise. Your appearance will get longer and leaner as a result. Women with this shape are often slender in the waist and top-heavy. You should get bigger flares to balance out your thin lower half if your body type is apple shaped.

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