Gojjam traditional dance made me famous

A powerful woman takes on obstacles, defends her rights, and doesn’t back down from abuses of authority. Terrifying? Definitely. Essential? Indeed. Show fear no respect. Acknowledge your path and persevere. Determine the steps required to accomplish your objectives and the obstacles preventing you from doing so. Recognize when you should push yourself and when to give up. The secret is a good dose of courage mixed with a fair dose of subtlety, timing, self-respect, and passion. It’s time to start cooking, handsome. Talk to strangers, smile a lot, accept invites, and eat everything that is put in front of you. Joy’s main components are serendipity, trust, and taking risks. Nothing novel ever occurs when there is no danger. When there is no trust, fear will disappear. Strong women have no fear of failing and have faith in their ability to take care of their own material, mental, emotional, and physical needs. Does this imply that they are content to live alone? Naturally, no. “A strong woman admits she doesn’t have all the answers,” in her piece for Strong Women Strong Girls. She is prepared to be adaptable and look for further knowledge in order to improve her life and hone her intellect.

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