I was going to donate my eyes to Megabi Hadis

Nope, powerful women are exempt from the restrictions. Not the one that society has, in any case, set for them. It’s large girl-sized panties or busts; blindly following traditional gender norms and cultural expectations is harmful and can impede your personal growth. It entails embracing your identity and going above and above to be your best self. Want to go back to work after 35? Execute it. At sixty, reinvent yourself? Take it on. You only have one life to live, and this is the one you have. Take full advantage of it! The mistakes—the retracing and incorrect turns—are a part of it. Nobody says that simply because you’re a woman, you have to “be” this or “be that.” Your heart is an excellent guide; follow it to find your True North. You have two choices in life: blend in and get by, or stand out and do something. My life has never been easy, but in the end, it has always made me stronger, more resilient, and more determined. Whenever I feel like giving up or crumbling, I channel my energies into volunteering. A terrible day is difficult to come by when you’re serving others! Despite all the criticism and mistrust I received, I worked toward my goal of being the first female firefighter on two local departments. Ignoring the critics, tearing down barriers, and pursuing your happiness in spite of any difficulties in your way are all part of being that strong, independent, badass woman.

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