He brought his ex girl friend home

Real love is a little more subtle than what Hollywood may have you believe it to be dramas and great gestures. Examine your feelings if you’re unsure about how to tell if you’re in love with someone. This is a crucial factor to take into account if you’re dating multiple people. Unconditional love is when you love someone without expecting anything in return, even in the face of their imperfections. Because of your mutual respect, you view that someone as being on par with you. It’s caring that you want to look after them. It’s tangible; even if you’re only thinking about them, your body reacts; your heart races, your hands sweat. Real love is contentment. You call them as often as you can so you can tell them things even when you’re apart. You have dozens of text messages with links to interesting things you found or telling them about something you saw or did. You turn to tell them things even when they’re not there. You want to hear about all of their adventures and struggles, and you want to share with them every aspect of your life—the good and the bad. Even if it’s the most uninteresting thing you’ve ever seen, it’s interesting because it’s about them.

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