I didn’t know I was pregnant…Tigist Girma

Women have experienced bias, discrimination, and disadvantage throughout history. Men continue to enjoy social, professional, and economic advantages that women are working to equalize. Strong social, cultural, and personal pressures exist to fit into an idealized definition of “womanhood” that is typically established by other people rather than by yourself. Unfortunately, because so many of these customs and hierarchies of power are ingrained in the community, you could still experience social pressure to live up to expectations. Developing the skills necessary to deal with a world that isn’t always welcoming to women is a necessary step towards being a stronger woman. Contrary to common belief, there aren’t many “innate” distinctions between men and women. For example, the brains of men and women are about the same. Determining what “woman” really means for your life is a necessary step in becoming a stronger woman, even while social and cultural influences frequently have strict standards for what “counts” as feminine. Reject beliefs and norms that don’t align with your ideal self. Societies that discriminate against women of race, religious minorities, or transgender women may have especially harsh or repressive norms for these groups.

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