How to treat split ends for long term

You may be surprised to learn how many split ends and hair breakages you’re causing if, like us, you immediately towel dry your damp hair before frantically brushing it through. Although blow drying our hair is often considered the most crucial step in hair care, most breaks occur when combing wet hair. Additionally, preventing split ends in the first place is the greatest course of action when it comes to treating them! This is because damp hair is weaker than dried hair and is prone to breaking; split ends can result from even rough towel drying wet hair. The secret is to handle your post-shower locks gently. Once more, you might be excused for believing that blow drying your hair was the ultimate solution for maintaining its health. Brushing is the first step, but it doesn’t stop there. In an effort to get a truly clean shampoo, people often work harder on the ends of their hair when shampooing, but you should only concentrate on your scalp. “To assist strengthen your hair and prevent split ends and hair breakage, massage your scalp to stimulate the follicles. Never use your nails; instead, simply use the tips of your fingers. Use cold water exclusively on the hair for your last rinse.

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