We have done everything my son would have done

Offer her breakfast in bed to start her day. She will be grinning broadly and have her eyes wide open. Prepare her favorite foods—pancakes, bacon, or scrambled eggs—and serve them with a glass of fresh juice. Tell your mother how much you appreciate her friendship and how fortunate you are to have her by your side by leaving a heartfelt message in the meal tray. Present Her With Flowers. Beautiful natural creations, flowers never fail to lift people’s spirits and bring them joy. To express how much you love your mother and how much you appreciate her on Mother’s Day, a handcrafted arrangement of vibrant, fresh carnations would be ideal. With the assistance of your dad and siblings, throw a surprise Mother’s Day celebration at home. Prepare your mother’s favorite dishes and drinks. She wouldn’t have expected anything like that, therefore she would be overjoyed. It will be the most memorable and unique day of her life because of your love and care together with a wonderful surprise. It’s Mother’s Day today. Treat her like royalty and dedicate the entire day to fulfilling her lifelong dream of spending time with you. You two can cook together, go on a picnic or hike, look at old family photos, play games at home, or do any combination of these activities. Alternately, you two might have a home movie marathon.

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