What I used to do before I became famous

Whether you’re a well-known author, politician, MySpace star, or celebrity, you may find it difficult to be in the spotlight. The many obligations and difficulties that come with being famous can be managed by maintaining a strong sense of self and clear boundaries between your private life and the public. It can be challenging to honestly assess how fame is affecting you because it’s a highly sought-after status. It is acceptable to want to manage the challenges and consequences of celebrity; although popularity is a blessing, there are drawbacks that need to be considered. Write down in your journal when you started to become more popular and how you have changed since then. Continue your daily routine of good practices. If you’re a recent celebrity, you may feel overawed by your increased fame and prominence. Try to stick to your routines and only allow them to alter in response to new obligations and duties. Continue to decompress in healthy ways by spending time alone, maintaining a nutritious diet, getting enough sleep, exercising, and attending to other obligations. When life seems out of control, remember this to stay grounded. If you are unable to maintain these routines, you run a far greater danger of becoming enmeshed in the worst aspects of fame, such as addiction, insecurity, and wanderlust.

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