Forgiveness is not a must do…artist Tamru

Everybody has occasionally experienced feeling like they don’t belong somewhere. And having this kind of feeling can make us want to try changing who we are for the sake of our loved ones, friends, or even romantic partners. There are moments when it makes us feel like we should try being someone different because we are not good enough as who we are. Since most students are away from home and have the opportunity to meet new people, university life might be the ideal environment for many people to start again. But you shouldn’t use this as an excuse to hide who you really are. Instead, now is a good time to put some of the strategies listed below into practice to support you in being who you are in your new workplace. Comparing our lives to what we see in other people’s pictures or posts on the internet may be rather simple, particularly during difficult times. We live our entire lives in our brains, yet we often forget that other people’s public personas are products of the perceptions we have of them. Naturally, individuals will only want to share joyful memories, yet those are frequently just fleeting periods in time. Remind yourself that you are not required to maintain a constant “online” social media presence. It will be simple to build relationships with those who share your interests if you find them.

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