All the sacrifice I made to raise my children

Nobody has the authority to instruct you on how to raise your kids well. You are performing admirably. For your kids, you are already the greatest mother. You must take care of yourself in order to give your child stability and security. Self-care helps you reenergize and re-connect for the process of having children—it does not turn you into a selfish person. Make time for yourself by enlisting the help of other caregivers (a spouse, friends, family member, or another parent or person you trust), taking short, deep breaths throughout the day, or spending a few minutes alone in the morning or evening while sitting outside. Keeping our children fed, clothed, and rested (especially at a young age) makes up a large portion of the daily tasks of parenthood, but I’m assuming those weren’t the things you had in mind when you fantasized about becoming a mother and having children. You can be reminded why this is all worthwhile and to keep your family as your top priority by making time for those fulfilling events. Make time for the simple things, like laughing and pushing on a swing or taking a walk hand in hand, that you imagined doing with your children before they were even born.

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