Tilahun Gessesse gifted me 5000 birr

Failing feels horrible, whether it’s when you don’t make the cut for a marathon or you don’t get promoted at work. To spare themselves from having to endure unpleasant feelings, many people will do whatever it takes to succeed. In the event that you catch yourself thinking, “I am a failure,” it’s critical to understand that you have options for improving your feelings. There’s less fear associated with failure when you know how to handle it in a healthy way. It may also lessen the agony, allowing you to recover from failure and move on to greater success. First of all, it’s critical to recognize that everyone fails occasionally. However, this does not define us as failures; rather, it simply indicates that we are fallible beings and that this particular instance of failure did not work out. A range of feelings, including embarrassment, worry, wrath, grief, and humiliation, are often associated with failure. Emotional discomfort is uncomfortable, and many individuals will do anything to avoid experiencing it. Letting yourself feel horrible can be inspiring. In order to get better the following time, it can motivate you to put in more effort to discover solutions. So feel free to accept your feelings. Accept your emotions and give yourself permission to feel horrible for a while.

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