I always wanted to see God and it happened

It’s simple to lose sight of our divine calling—to live in the brilliant light of God’s love—amid the chaos of daily existence. This devotional provides doable strategies for embracing that light in all facets of your life, from your evening sleep to your morning prayers. You will learn how to develop a closer relationship with God and let His light guide you on your everyday journey. We frequently come to a fork in our spiritual journey. We are shown the route of light and the way of darkness. This decision has a big impact on our spiritual growth and relationship with God. Scripture abounds with instances of people who made the decision to walk in God’s direction. Think about Moses. God is brightness. His light binds us together and leads us. It encourages Christian friendship, forming a spiritual community. God’s light within us may uplift and encourage others, just as one candle can light many others without losing its brightness. For us, community is essential to our spiritual development. Our spiritual community encourages us, prays for us, and serves as a reminder of God’s promises during difficult or doubtful times. By being open and honest about our spiritual path, as well as by sharing our successes and challenges, we can encourage this fellowship. By doing this, we enable God’s light to flow through our lives and inspire and uplift others.

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