We has a surprise for Melat Nebiyu

It brings you joy: Being kind feels good. Being helpful to others will actually increase your sense of self-worth. According to brain scans, those who spent a greater percentage of their wealth on others were significantly happier than those who spent a greater portion on themselves, demonstrating the true psychotropic benefits of kindness. It enhances general health: Kindness has pharmacological effects that extend to physical health, and it can extend one’s life when practiced frequently. Over a 5-year period, people who routinely provided helpful assistance to others had a decreased probability of passing away than those who did not. It improves the world: We say it casually, yet it’s true that we may “catch” compassion from other people. Express sincere gratitude to everyone you speak with. Don’t be stingy; a simple remark can brighten someone’s entire day. Make it a point to give compliments to everyone you meet on this special day, and all year long, for that matter. Permit workers to leave early. Everyone values time, therefore returning it to employees is one of the most kind acts of gratitude a business can do for them. It may not be possible for everyone, but if you can pull it off, it’s possibly the best act of compassion you can do at work. Make a connection between your acts of kindness and kindness. Make the day more meaningful for staff members by explaining the science of kindness and connecting it to certain workplace behaviors.

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