3 rules for pleasant body odor for whole day

The problem with smelling good is that it basically boils down to personal preference for aroma. A person may define excellent smells as filling every area they visit with an alluring cloud of delicate French perfume. For another, it can mean avoiding body odor following an exhausting workday. We’ll show you how to make it last all day, whether your goal is to smell like perfume or just like your healthy, natural self. This will enable the fragrance to organically blend with your body’s chemistry. The fragrance will be released and activated when your body heats up. Avoid the temptation to massage the scent into your skin. Using a rollerball allows you to precisely apply the fragrance without overspraying. Additionally, it’s less expensive than your preferred fragrance or perfume in a bottle. Apply a mist on a brush. Before brushing dry hair, mist your hairbrush with your preferred fragrance to add perfume that will linger all day. Applying your body lotion, cream, or oil as soon as you step out of the shower, after you’ve patted off extra water, will help prolong its aroma if that’s all you desire. When applied to a moist base, scented lotion—or any scented product, for that matter—will stay longer.

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