I am left empty handed…I sold my house

We pay attention to failure. When young people give something their all and then fail, they go through a period of increased awareness, which can help them become more adaptive. Once we’ve been shaken out of our complacency and made to think more carefully about the matter, we pay closer attention. For this reason, failing can be a very powerful teaching tool. The individual who has never failed is difficult for the rest of us to relate to. When I speak to a group of young people, I first equip them with all the success tools and techniques I know how to use, and then I share the tale of my own enormous failures. This serves to emphasize that despite their past failures, they are capable of achieving anything. We remain modest when we fail. I now own a prosperous company, give speeches in front of thousands of people annually, and travel widely for both work and pleasure. And I’m so appreciative that things weren’t always like this. Recalling my difficult moments serves a very useful purpose for me as it keeps me grounded in reality and guards against overconfidence.

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