Backlash about Dirishu’s advert for brides

Although goal-setting may not seem revolutionary to you, the harsh truth is that most people don’t have a defined set of goals when they first start looking for strategies to achieve. Furthermore, the goal-setting process we are discussing here goes well beyond simply conceiving of a bigger picture. You must lay the groundwork necessary to equip yourself with the knowledge and abilities you’ll need to fearlessly pursue your objectives. Our Six Human Needs certainty, significance, diversity, love/connection, growth, and contribution are the foundation of everything. All human beings have these basic requirements, and they are the motivation for all we do. If these fundamental requirements aren’t met, we become caught in negative patterns. unhealthy partnerships. harmful behaviors and addictions. unsatisfactory professional lives. lives that are more afraid than joyful. You have to take care of your basic necessities before you can break free from these cycles and accomplish your goals in life. Be in the company of kind people. Create sincere connections. Find your beliefs and set goals that are consistent with who you really are. When your needs are satisfied by a healthy lifestyle and relationships, you’re able to contribute more of yourself and perform at your best. Pursuing your goals enhances both your life and the lives of others when you’re thriving.

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