How to prepare proteins for hair growth and health

Restoring the health of your hair has become quite the effort after years of subjecting it to heat, chemicals, sunshine, and pollution, isn’t that right? To reduce hair loss, you’ve tried everything: damage control shampoos, heat protectant serums, deep conditioning treatments, and more. Keratin is the protein that makes up the strands of hair in your body. Loss of hair may result from a protein deficit. It’s typical to lose between fifty and one hundred hair strands per day because approximately five percent of your hair is in the resting phase at any given time. If you experience more hair loss than this, a larger proportion of your hair is resting. “A possible explanation for this could be insufficient protein delivery to the hair. Your hair might quickly absorb water if it is excessively porous, which can cause frizz and tangles. Hair that has too little protein in it may become porous. Hair that is stringy, limp, or flat is a dead giveaway that it doesn’t have enough protein. You can get more volume in your hair by using protein in your diet or as a hair treatment. Wet a strand of hair and stretch it to determine how elastic your hair is. The strand is said to be elastic if it recovers without breaking. Your inelastic hair can be revitalized by increasing protein. Your hair is damaged if it feels dry, brittle, split at the ends, and is hard to manage.

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