I want people to learn from my life

One of the most frequent occurrences in life is deciding what you want, pursuing it, and then giving up at the first hint of trouble. “Well, maybe I didn’t really want that after all” is used to explain it away. That might be the case, but I have a feeling that’s not always the complete picture. What a wonderful sensation it is to strive for something, endure much suffering in the process, and then feel as though we have conquered the world! It will be easier to overcome obstacles if you are aware that you will have issues before you begin working toward a goal. Having said that, knowing when to give up is an essential component of persistence. There are those who never give up. This is frequently seen as a strength and a virtue. In actuality, it is a flaw. The true power lies in honing the ability to determine when to give up and move on from persistence. It was appropriate and excellent since I never gave up and kept trying till I achieved my goals. Though it is frequently incorrect, that is the widely held assumption. It’s considered a failure if you don’t achieve your goals. A wise person learns from such “failure.” A lesson in figuring out what they truly want and then taking a different route to get it.

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