I want to increase the number kids I have

Whatever it is you desire, chances are someone else already possesses it or has attained it before you. Examine those folks. Investigate how they accomplished the goal you are attempting to accomplish. What actions were necessary for them to successfully obtain their desired outcome? Learn about the obstacles and problems they encountered. Speak with them if you can, and find out what they would change. By taking this little step, you can save wasting a significant amount of time, energy, and even money trying to achieve your goals. Step 1 is included in this step. Inquire. You can learn a lot from even simple talks with others. Many will be impressed by your curiosity and may even make an offer. I firmly believe in Karma, the Golden Rule, reaping what you sow, or whatever term you want to use. You will receive blessings from the cosmos if you serve and assist others. The things you do and the way you treat people have a real ripple effect. It’s hard to put a number on, and you might never know when the universe will finally pay you back. Investing time in assisting others in achieving their goals will yield two benefits. Initially, you will accrue positive Karma that will support you in your endeavors to realize your goals. Furthermore, it will aid in your learning. You’ll discover what inspires people and the various approaches people take to accomplish their goals in this world.

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