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You strive to obtain what you need from someone else when you negotiate. Giving someone what they need is the only way to gain what you want from them. Asking them and then paying close attention to their answers is the only way to find out what they need. The discussion will become frustrating and pointless if you try to guess what the other negotiator needs and fail to hit the mark. To become a more skilled negotiator, you must learn to ask the proper questions and go deeper to understand the demands of the other negotiator. This necessitates considering the opposing side in the conversation to be only the “other negotiator.” The opposing negotiator is typically just another party that needs to be reached to an agreement, not “the enemy.” Every human has some basic wants, such as those for clothing, food, shelter, water, security, etc. Think about what more you need for your wellbeing in addition to these basic requirements. Your initial thoughts regarding answers can reveal a lot about who you are. At this moment, what would you rather be doing? Consider your preferred course of action for your time. You may get clues about your life path from your response. Create a shortlist of topics to look into when you have some spare time, and utilize those experiences to help you become more clear-eyed about the kind of life you want to lead.

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