I am not crying any more….I have a lot of friends

Sometimes giving up is a wonderful thing. It’s an indication that you are aware of your own needs: the bounds your body needs, the room your heart needs to expand, and the constraints your mind needs. When two individuals have depleted each other’s and their own resources, giving up might happen suddenly, much like when a healthy relationship ends. Either unexpected alleviation or severe effects are possible. Letting go is another synonym meaning liberation as well as giving up. giving up. denying. Dispute the stories and circumstances that don’t appeal to you. Consider what would happen if you could tell the deserts apart at a distance of one mile. I posed those queries to five writers who, in facing overwhelming odds and finding newfound self-awareness, discovered the courage to quit up in order to culminate a month filled with fresh starts. The journey between letting go of unreal expectations and finding new identities, limits, and freedoms is the subject of their stories. And I hope that they encourage you to discover the same fortitude in your own life. Though it may sound cliche, discussing diet culture is essential when discussing giving up. Although it’s the newest social movement, it’s much more than that. It essentially means making the decision to provide your body a sanctuary that isn’t ephemeral or dependent on the expectations of others.

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