The famous little Jay has a reply….

Narratives featuring women as victims tend to pique the interest of women more. What is an eerie sentence on its own, and much more so when placed within a humorous setting. However, the truth is that the same things that keep us entertained can also make us anxious. Steph Coelho clarifies how distant reality can nevertheless have an impact on our mental health and concludes that sometimes it’s best to avoid having fun. Giving up things you enjoy might occasionally be healthy as well. Roslyn Tasun found it challenging to give up alcohol entirely because of drinking culture, particularly in the West. This is a tale about the influence of societal narratives as well as the more profound influence of self-respect. Trauma has definitely impacted how I relate to my body. My lived experience as a clearly Southeast Asian woman in largely white environments complicates matters. I was raised with hidden expectations from society (and social media) that I should always follow the rules, that my needs weren’t important, and that I should occupy as little space as possible. Examine those who possess what you desire and determine how they obtained it. Whatever you desire, chances are someone else has already desired and obtained it. Examine the obstacles they surmounted and the steps they took to reach the same goals you have in mind. Make use of their successful journey as a guide for your own.

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