He should apologize….he didn’t respectful receive his award

Recognize that your wishes may not always be fulfilled immediately. You have the complete ability to realize your dreams, but it will require patience and perseverance. Think creatively and innovatively to achieve your objectives. You can achieve your goals if you persist in your efforts and don’t give up. Appreciate the small victories you experience along the journey. To have a list of your achievements to refer to on gloomy days, start a gratitude diary. Remind yourself that you deserve to succeed and that you survived. It could be tough to keep trying if you’ve failed much too often in the past. Remind yourself that even when things don’t go as planned, so you can still be motivated and overcome your anxieties. Recognize your past mistakes without allowing them to define or control you. Consider your mistakes to be insightful teachings. Then, since those setbacks teach you more than achievements do, you can also learn to be grateful for them. Give up talking to yourself negatively and believe in your own potential. Though it’s easy to become consumed by feelings of inadequacy, insecurities are commonplace to all people. Consider all the reasons you are strong, capable, and successful instead of feeling insecure about your prospects of success the next time.

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