Untold story of singer Tekeste…my dream turned into reality

Have you ever been in a conversation and, despite your best efforts to be kind and sympathetic, felt disrespectful even rude the instant you raised a question, especially one that dealt with a delicate subject? Now that you’ve asked the question, the individual you were trying to reassure looks agitated and anxious. If you ask them a question, they can even turn away from you, cross their arms, and ask you why. Although it wasn’t your intention, you unintentionally came across as forceful, disingenuous, or obtrusive. Even when our questions are legitimate, asking questions to gather information can cause individuals to become anxious and worried. For instance, if your partner returns home considerably later than anticipated and fails to warn you. Imagine that you are attempting to market your goods to a prospective new customer that you do not know. To get to know them, you ask them particular questions to find out leads you can utilize to create rapport and identify their trouble spots. They might think you are overly inquisitive if you are new to them and have not yet earned their trust. They don’t feel comfortable around you, thus they don’t trust you, and instead they see your questioning as suspicious. One other thing to keep in mind about questions is that they have the potential to highlight the kind of data you are attempting to gather. Because they can become hostile, you might not want your stakeholders to know what you are pursuing.

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