From German to Dilla a search for childhood love

It’s simple to adopt someone else’s viewpoints as your own when you’re in love. You might not always be fully aware of this. It could be simpler for you to be honest and upfront about your sentiments with someone you love and feel at ease with. You might not feel the need to conceal your thoughts or feelings in order to keep the relationship safe because love frequently engenders a sense of security. You know you can talk things out, even if it’s a minor disagreement. Like you, your lover is a fallible human. Of course, their positive qualities are what most likely made you fall in love with them. However, it’s possible that they have some behaviors or personality traits that you find objectionable. You might find yourself rolling your eyes and sighing over things that used to make you laugh, like how they clean their teeth at the kitchen sink. To truly love someone, you must accept and see every aspect of them, just as they accept and see every element of you. Over time, minor problems frequently don’t actually matter. If something bothers you, though, you’ll probably feel comfortable enough to talk about it and try to support and encourage one another as you grow as individuals. Serious warning signals or indications of abuse are not included in this. If abuse is suspected, always get in touch with a professional.

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