Artist Amanuel Habtamu put something unique at his door step

Don’t get upset or take “no” personally. “You can’t always get what you want,” the song says. You might receive a “no” even if you present your case persuasively and with the greatest sense. Don’t assume that the other person is against you or that they detest you. Accept the fact that this was not your lucky day and move on. Rather than allowing the word “no” to get you down, begin preparing for your next chance to ask for what you want and keep your same sense of confidence that you’ll succeed. Make plans to ask in a new way later. A “no” in the present doesn’t always imply a “no” in the future. For instance, you may try requesting a raise from your employer, a move-in partner, or a car from your parents in three or six months. However, don’t ask the exact same question in the exact same manner. Restart the process when you’re ready to make another request. Make sure your goals remain crystal apparent to you. Create your justifications and decide which is the strongest. Change the wording of your request somewhat, but make sure it remains “respectfully assertive.”

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