My father does like being interviewed

Make your request as specific as you can. Make sure they understand exactly what you want, because you’ve taken the effort to make sure you do. Put it in plain English, beginning with the words “I want” or “I’d like.” Only in some business situations should you ask for more or less than you desire. In order to increase the likelihood that you will say “yes” before moving on to what they actually want, salespeople occasionally employ the “foot in the door” strategy. Alternatively, they could employ the tactic known as “door in the face,” wherein they make a request for more than they actually need, therefore making their actual request and follow-up appear more reasonable. People may become irritated if a friend or significant other uses these tactics, but they tend to accept and tolerate salesmen adopting them. It makes sense to start with a bigger but still reasonable figure than what you truly think you’ll be able to get if you’re hoping for a raise at work. Don’t ask to be regional manager when you truly want to be assistant sales manager if you want to advance in your career. Give only one argument in favor of your desired outcome.

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