They told me I have the potential to be healed

Never be afraid to say “no.” Our society is hesitant to say no, and as a result, we are reluctant to ask others for what we want out of fear of hearing the word “no.” But more than anybody else, there’s one individual who refuses your requests. You are automatically choosing “no” when you don’t inquire. You’ve already given yourself the response you’re afraid of every time you keep yourself from asking for what you want or you leave quietly. I used to respond to questions like this fast and thoughtlessly until recently. Naturally, I would have replied that I frequently ask for what I want. It would have been blatantly dishonest. In actuality, there are three steps involved. It asks you to first recognize your need, then find a request or ask that could help you meet that need, and finally as if the first two steps weren’t difficult enough vulnerably ask someone else to assist you in meeting that need while you wait patiently to find out if you are successful. It may be simpler to deny your request if you ask in a trembling or hushed voice. It’s crucial to be direct and project confidence, even if these traits can be difficult to achieve. Being courteous is also vital; it’s preferable to ask with a smile rather than a frown and to seem happy rather than agitated. Nonetheless, confidence is essential when making requests for what you desire.

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