Comedian Eshetu with his new standup comedy

Make sure to stare the other person in the eye when you ask. And now for the most crucial part: keep quiet. Just ask, and then be patient. Don’t fill the void between your question and the person’s answer with a bunch of nonsense words. The important but deafening silence of the waiting period. Give folks time to digest what you said and give thoughtful answers before interrupting to add additional words to the void. Simply ask, then be patient. Allow them to take the lead. The sweet spot comes in the pause and the moment when the two people contemplate each other, just like when you kiss someone for the first time. In addition, it’s helpful to know what others think you’re good at and what services they need your assistance with when they ask you questions. I’m thankful for every email I receive because, when I take the time to reply, it generally results in a blog post similar to this one, where I can compile a list of useful tools and information that I can forward to others. Make others feel good about lending a hand. Allow individuals the room to be helpful and compassionate. They feel weird with you if you do. Have faith in your requests. Tell them how much you appreciate it and how beneficial it was. Express gratitude. It is impossible to express gratitude enough.

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