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Practice repeatedly, over and over. Each modest request is a warm-up for a larger one. Every email and letter is a chance to get better at it. During my time in college, my swim instructor assigned us tasks to test our psychological boundaries. During one such exercise, we had to request a complimentary lunch. It was uncomfortable. A lot of folks declined. And a few individuals replied in the affirmative. We practice asking for unusual things each time. Continue asking until you hear “yes.” Take lessons from every attempt. Proceed with. Inquire. Follow through on your commitments. Express gratitude. Ask for what you want, follow up, and follow through if you want to make an impression. This is not what most people do. Take risks and be bold. Similar to Jia Jiang’s experiment with hundreds of rejections, in which he sought out absurd requests in an attempt to become accustomed to the idea of rejection, he discovered that the more he requested, the simpler it became to make requests for what he desired. As an added benefit? Many responded in the affirmative. Due to his bold questioning, he was able to drive a police car, pilot a helicopter, and engage in numerous other insane adventures. Make it easy. Make the request in writing. Make it simple to locate. Declare what you want.

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