I will have my own perfume company

You will discover your mission if you are crystal clear about why you must accomplish your objective. Purpose also has more power than result. Setting goals is not about achieving the outcome; rather, it’s about how the outcome will shape you as a person. Being able to achieve your goals and behave in accordance with your passions might lead to a sense of fulfillment. Having this aim in mind can help you stay laser-focused and get through difficult situations. You will have the strength to face any challenge if you can develop a compelling enough “why” to motivate you. Recognize that having a certain status or material possessions won’t make you happy. It’s acceptable to be clueless about how to influence others or formulate a plan of action. Setting objectives that exceed your current capacity or expertise is also very acceptable. It’s crucial that you approach this situation with complete faith and belief. Clearly state your objectives and that you will find a method to achieve them under whatever circumstances. This is essential to achieving your objectives. Despite your initial doubts, you know deep down that you are capable of succeeding. You will be regaining control over your life once you have that core belief.

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