I get to see Noah ship that saved humanity

Put your objectives down in a notebook or on paper, not on a computer. When we write something down on a real piece of paper, something happens. When you set goals in writing, you start to feel like a creative. You are admitting to your subconscious and conscious thoughts that you do not want to be where you are at this moment. After making this contrast, your brain starts to feel dissatisfied with the current situation. A feeling of unhappiness is one of the best motivators. You won’t be motivated to go above and beyond to accomplish goals when you’re completely at ease and content. You want discontentment to be on your side. When you identify something you really want to get rid of, you have true motivation. Pressure and tension can be strong motivators for our behavior. Make use of this as a tool to influence yourself so that you can begin to move toward your success by taking concrete actions. It becomes a plan to know how to achieve your goals rather than just a wish. Get very clear now. Put the information in writing: How would you feel if you succeeded in this goal? What would obtaining your desired outcome mean to you? How will your life be altered by it? Learning how to obtain what you want or persuade others to do what you want becomes more natural when you are clear about why your desires are essential to you.

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