The mistake we make when taking vitamin D

The health and vitality of your body depend on vitamin D. Among other things, humans require the sun vitamin to maintain healthy bones, teeth, muscles, and immune systems. It is crucial for our mental health as well. Sun exposure produces more than 90% of the vitamin D that is found under the skin.Since no vitamin D is produced in the winter, we typically replenish our vitamin D levels in the summer. There’s just not enough solar radiation for this. Our vitamin D levels throughout the winter are frequently too low because of the absence of sunlight. As a result, taking precautions against the shortage is frequently advised. You should get a blood test to measure your vitamin D level in order to establish the optimal dosage. Combining vitamin D3 with vitamin K2 is ideal. The explanation is that vitamin K2 helps vitamin D store calcium in the bones. Certain proteins that ensure calcium is stored in bones and teeth and are in charge of using calcium in the blood are activated by vitamin K2. As a result, K2 helps to keep calcium from accumulating in artery walls and is crucial for blood clotting. Since vitamin K2 and vitamin D are fat-soluble vitamins, the body need fatty acids in order to use and absorb them.

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