I am not lucky in love relationships

You’ve finally found true love. How is it maintained? Constant inquiry is the cornerstone of a healthy, long-term connection, according to Consul. Being curious promotes intimacy and solutions while assisting in the avoidance of assumptions and, consequently, judgment. Effective communication goes beyond curiosity. Empirical studies demonstrate that a couple’s ability to resolve disagreement is a strong predictor of their relationship’s quality. Relationships can benefit greatly from conflict, which teaches partners how to work through difficulties as a team. We often let our presumptions about our partner fool us since we think we know them well. But over time, this can weaken a bond and cause estrangement. By asking questions all the time, you can develop a curious mind. Something as basic as “What is your favorite food right now?” can suffice. Or, “Tell me something you’ve learned recently that’s new.” You’ll be astonished at the kinds of conversations these seemingly simple inquiries may spark. Secure coexistence is far more important to true love. It improves your ability to set limits, be discerning, and be nice and altruistic with your partner all at once.

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