I won all the race I was told not to run

Consider the person you most respect. or someone you find amazing and prosperous. They all experience moments when they doubt their abilities, which is what unites them. Everybody experiences periods of self-doubt and inferiority complex. Everyone experiences insecurities occasionally. We frequently battle with feelings of inadequacy after experiencing sorrow or a defeat. It’s normal to have these emotions following a setback, therefore you shouldn’t punish yourself for them. What’s dangerous is allowing those thoughts and feelings to consume you and become a part of who you are. Stop punishing yourself for experiencing these emotions if you do; it won’t help. A significant portion of the belief that we are inadequate originates from evaluating ourselves against others. You may be feeling confident in yourself until you get onto Facebook or Instagram and see a buddy enjoying a vacation with their happy family, followed by another friend boasting about their amazing spouse and vibrant social life. Regardless of the circumstances, you may feel good about yourself one moment and not the next. For what reason is that the case? The reason for this is that you are contrasting your life with someone else’s allegedly better existence—I use the word purposefully.

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