I am a people pleaser which got me in trouble many times

Many believe that success or failure is mostly determined by luck or other external factors. In the event of success, fortune was on their side; in the event of failure, it was not. While luck does play a role, you shouldn’t focus on your bad luck or wish for good fortune. Think that you are in complete control of your success. You created it if you succeed, and you also created it if you fail. Don’t waste time fretting about the possible outcomes for yourself. Rather, focus all of your energy on creating opportunities for yourself. Although luck is beyond your control, you are always in charge of yourself. You can only see the grindstone when your nose is close to it. This implies that you pass up chances to see something fresh, attempt something new, or take a profitable detour. Successful people almost always stay on track, but they also schedule time for experimentation, learning new skills, and taking advantage of fortunate coincidences. It’s not always necessary to invent the wheel. If you find one, take pleasure in adopting someone else’s flawlessly working wheel. The most skilled members of great teams are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to assist others achieve.

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